What I’m Working On


Summer lineup

Here is a big bowl in progress, measuring 18” wide. I picture it as a bird bath in summer, then as a centrepiece bowl in the colder months. Once I set it aside to dry, I’ll move on to large hand-built bird baths and revive an old time favourite, my beloved garden spirits.



Wall pockets, masks and plaques. Here are a few I am working on. See how they turn out at the Arnes Farmers Market.



Hamsas—here is the first in progress

Inspired by all the bad energy in the world these days,  I find I’m drawn to the Hamsa, long used to ward off the evil eye, and also to draw in positive energies when placed finger side pointing downward.  There are so many possibilities in terms of design and function. I’m really excited about this project.
Read about Hamsa meaning here: https://www.enjoyistanbul.com/blog/oku/33/hamsa-meaning

Tableware in the Works

At long last I am in the midst of creating a line of boho dinnerware sets. My initial offerings will include three lace patterns, each in their own colour combination. Here are a few plates ready for the kiln. I’ll post pictures once the pieces are finished.


Raven Tiles

This week I’m working on some long-awaited raven tiles. The square measures about 5.5”, while the vertical style measures roughly 6″ x 9″. There will be some shrinkage though, first from drying and firing, then after the mold is cast, the molded tiles will shrink a little more. The end product should measure around 5”x5” and 5″ x 8″ ish. These will be available in November.

(See finished example HERE )


Tree and Sky Chalices

These nature inspired chalices are hand-formed, so each one is quite individual. I first brought these to market last summer. I am getting ready for more markets this summer and have a number more in progress. I plan to build on this design in the future, envisioning a much larger, rounder-bowled chalice with whimsical dreams in the clouds. (Stay tuned.)


Latest Mugs

I discovered how to generate tapered templates, so have created several and have started creating a new style of hand-built mug. I am finding these are extremely easy to assemble, and the resulting mugs are very consistent.

Short Mug

Short Tapered Mug

Tall Tapered Mugs

Spring returns at last! I’ve got a few chunky gnome huts made that could work well in a rock garden, and am working on gnome villages next. It should be a super fun project.

I’m working on spoons these days. I have many in the works and am happy to customize.

Leaf eyes, or eye leaves. Imagine if trees could see with eyes hidden in their leaves.

I have a number of slab built lace mugs drying in my studio right now. This year, I plan to be creating more functional ware, like hand-built dinner ware, mugs, bowls, tumblers and more. I feel really excited abut my new lineup of glazes. It’s always a treat to open the kiln and discover the magic of chemistry!

…et, voila!

I have just completed this wolf tile, the latest in my series of Canadian nature tiles. Periodically I add to the series, usually at the request of a client. These are designed to hang on the wall as a plaque.








A shop in Portland, Oregon special ordered some of my mugs with sculptures on the side. They requested an assortment, with Sheela Na Gig and Cernunnos (both shown above), as well as with Pan. I had already made a little press mold with a pan image, but I had to come up with a new size for the other two in order to fit them onto the side of the mugs.

Here are the finished mugs:






I just finished working on a custom order of assorted incense plates. I have decided to add these to my regular line, since I also do make and sell incense (see: http://aradianaturals.ca/1/products-page/natural-incense/)







Another new item I am adding is catch all bowls, also in assorted colors and textures.







And here is my latest batch of ceramic glazed buttons. Some of these have found a new home at Leidsla Wool Imports in Gimli. MB.








One of my latest tiles. See the finished product here: https://aradiasgallery.com/?wpsc-product=mermaid-tile

Mermaid Tile

I am also working on a series of tree tiles. All of these will measure approximately 5″ square. Many will be hand painted with acrylics; some will be glazed.