Hearts & Stars Rustic Pit Fired Leaf Ornaments

Earthy and naturally beautiful heart and star ornaments or gift tags that will be right at home in a rustic décor.

The pit-firing process adds to each one’s individual character as no two turn out the same.

Specify heart or star when ordering. Oak leaves may also be available.

Stars measure 2.25″ (5.7 cm) across.
Hearts measure 1-7/8″ (4.8 cm) across.

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Pit-fired Leaf Bells

Hand formed bells which have been imprinted with real leaves. The pit-firing process, with which it is made, lends an earthy quality. Only the leaf has been glazed, providing an interesting contrast. Bells are strung with durable natural hemp string. Hang them indoor or out, but take inside for the winter. It is a good idea to seal the bell with Vaseline and wipe off well if you plan to keep it outside, otherwise the smoky color will fade over time. If you want, hang a few together and create your own wind chime.

Prices start at $10. Various sizes and leaf types are possible.

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