Rustic Pit Fired Mirror With 4 Oak Leaves

Smoke and fire from grasses, leaves, paper and wood, leave sometimes unpredictable markings on the clay during the pit firing process. The effect is mottled and dappled, resembling what one might find on the forest floor. It is for this reason that I love to use this earthiest of techniques.

This mirror will suit a unisex taste, for someone who has a deep love for nature. Bring a little outdoors into any home living space.

Four Oak leaves encircle the focal mirror. One of a Kind.

Hangs from a strong hemp string hanger on the back. A round mirror is firmly glued onto the back.

Measures 7-1/8"w (18.4 cm) x 7-3/8" h (19 cm). The mirror opening measures 3-1/2" (8.9 cm) across.

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